Every worker can be a climate champion

Learn how to reduce the environmental footprint of your job and how to use your profession for climate action. 

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CARL is a place to find resources and inspiration for climate action within your community and workplace.

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Resource Previews

Each resource is collaboratively written and reviewed by people who have worked in these jobs. We believe that everyone is holding a piece of the solution to the climate crisis. 

We need your help to write and review these guides, to make sure they’re effective & relevant! If you would like to get involved, please email hello@carl.eco.

IT Specialists thumbnail: cables

IT Specialists can help slow down the cycle of annual upgrades and reduce e-waste. IT Specialists also have a superpower: they can  talk about climate to everyone, through business continuity & disaster planning.

Job seekers thumbnail: Career fair

There are nearly 10 million job openings and 8.6 million people seeking jobs. Imagine what might happen if everyone asked potential employers about their sustainability  and climate goals?

Therapist Resource Guide thumbnail, two brown chairs

With the increase in extreme weather events, climate anxiety and trauma is on the rise. Therapists have an important role to play in helping individuals navigate the climate crisis. 

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Our goal this year is to create climate action guides for 50 different jobs. We want to start with the ones that our community is most excited about! 

Let us know what jobs you’ve had that could have been more less wasteful, more efficient, and more earth & people-friendly.

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