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CARL (Climate Action Resource Library) is a new platform that teaches and inspires  individual workers to take climate action through their job functions. We believe that everyone holds part of the solution.

We define climate action as:

  1. Greening what you can control (your work responsibilities)
  2. Innovating where you have expertise
  3. Influencing others (vendors, suppliers, customers, leaders), with or without organizing
  4. Signaling the climate emergency

Core Team

Roopak Kandasamy

Roopak Kandasamy

Melissa Hsiung

Product manager

Saba Gebreamlak

Product manager

Shruti Chander

Partnerships Manager



  • Julia Bontempo, Workshop design
  • Caitlin La Honta, Product marketing


Hacking for Humanity 2021, hosted by Columbia Business School Tamer Center for Social Enterprise

  • Joshua Herrig
  • Evan Harris
  • Frances Sawyer

Member Organizations

350 Bay Area

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